Help! I Am Scared Of The Spiders That Get Into My Little Rock Home

spider crawling on the floor

Arachnophobia is an intense fear of spiders, one of the most common phobias people have. While most spiders are harmless to humans, a couple of species in our area prove this fear is valid. If you have trouble getting rid of creepy, scary spiders in your home, this article is for you.

We'll start by describing the spiders that invade Little Rock homes and explaining which pose a risk to your family. We'll also provide our best prevention tips to help you keep these pests away from your property and out of your home. Continue reading to learn how to achieve successful spider control in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the experts from George Termite and Pest Control.

Types Of Spiders That Invade Little Rock Homes

For people who fear spiders, it doesn't matter what type they are. However, identifying the species in your home can help you accurately gauge their threat level and determine the best way to handle the invasion. The following list describes the most common types of spiders that infest local homes:

  • House spiders: Yellowish-brown spiders with an off-white abdomen that create tangled webs in upper corners, under furniture, and in storage areas.

  • Black widow spiders: Glossy black spiders with a distinct red hourglass shape on the abdomen build irregular webs at ground level.

  • Brown recluse spiders: Light to dark brown spiders with a dark fiddle-shaped marking on their backs that prefer warm, dry locations.

If you need assistance identifying or removing spiders in your home, the pros at George Termite and Pest Control are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our spider control services or to schedule your free inspection.

Spider Bites Can Be Dangerous

None of the spiders on our list are overly aggressive, but they will bite to defend themselves if you accidentally get too close or try to handle them. When house spiders bite, symptoms are mild and not medically threatening, but black widows and brown recluses are dangerous spiders that inject toxic venom that requires medical attention.

Black widow venom affects your nervous system, causing symptoms like pain, fever, and increased blood pressure. Brown recluse venom causes tissue to die, leaving an ulcerating sore that takes weeks to heal. Contact us today at George Termite and Pest Control to learn how we can help get rid of spiders in your home and protect your family.

Five Spider Prevention Tips For Arachnophobes

Ongoing professional pest control services in Little Rock are the best way to keep spiders away, but there is a lot you can do to reduce the chances of an invasion. Here are five tips to help prevent spiders in your Arkansas home:

  1. Seal cracks, gaps, and crevices on the exterior using silicone caulk.

  2. Ensure window and door screens have no holes.

  3. Declutter to remove hiding spots.

  4. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house.

  5. Address other pest issues that attract spiders as prey.

The experts at George Termite and Pest Control are here to help you eliminate your spider infestation and keep them from coming back. Contact us today with any questions or to learn more about our spider control services.

Experience Peace Of Mind: Choose Professional Spider Control

Working with a professional company that offers spider control near you is the most effective way to ensure your home stays spider-free. Contact us today at George Termite and Pest Control to learn more about our home pest control services or to schedule your free inspection.