Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite: The Effective Control Solution For Your Little Rock Home

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If you've been scratching at bug bites but can't remember being in a place where you were likely to get bitten, or if you've seen little red or tan stains on your sheets and can't figure out how they got there, you might have a bed bug problem. No one wants to think about bed bugs getting into their house, but the fact is that bed bugs are a major problem all over the United States, and no one is immune. Effective bed bug control in Little Rock doesn't happen by accident. Learn how to deal with a bed bug infestation below.

Visual Clues: Identifying Bed Bugs By Appearance

Being able to identify bed bugs is a skill that everyone should hone. Not only can it help you avoid an infestation by making sure you don't bring any bed bugs home with you, but it also can help you identify the start of an infestation in your home so that you can eliminate it as early as possible.

What do bed bugs look like? It may surprise you to know that adult bed bugs are actually quite easy to see and identify. Many people think that bed bugs are too small to be easily seen, and although it's true that bed bugs in their early stages of development are more difficult to locate, the adults are easily noticeable with the naked eye. 

Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed with flat, oval-shaped bodies. A brownish-red color, they become elongated and swollen-looking after they've had a meal. Bed bugs in earlier stages of development are similar in shape to adult bed bugs but are smaller and paler in color. Bed bug eggs and newly hatched bed bugs are very small and milky white.

Bed Bug Problems: They Aren't Just Going To Go Away

Sometimes, when you find a pest in your house, you don't get too concerned about it because you know that it probably won't become a major issue. Maybe you see a house fly or a spider, and you know that you need to keep an eye out to make sure there aren't a ton of them in your house, while also knowing that if you just see that one, you probably don't need to worry about it. Unfortunately, when it comes to bed bugs, they won't just go away.

If you find a bed bug in your house, it's very likely that there are many more that you just don't see. Bed bugs are good at hiding and reproducing rapidly, so finding one bed bug means there are probably more in your house. Even if just one or two bed bugs get into your house, they will either quickly begin to reproduce or they will stay in hiding until they feel it is safe to begin reproducing. Bed bugs can go several months without food, so it's possible for you to think an issue is gone, only for it to turn up again later. To get rid of bed bugs, you have to be proactive.

Don't Let Bed Bugs Take Over Your Home: Call Us Right Away!

Getting rid of bed bugs requires immediate action. It also requires professionals. Although DIY bed bug control hacks abound online, anyone who has tried these methods will tell you that they aren't very effective. Sometimes, a DIY treatment will lessen a bed bug infestation, but the results are only temporary. 

If you want to make sure that your bed bug infestation is fully eliminated, you need bed bug pest control in Little Rock done by experts. George Termite And Pest Control provides bed bug control services that are designed to eliminate every last bed bug from your home so that you don't end up dealing with an infestation again down the road.

Maintaining A Bed Bug-Free Home: Prevention Strategies

If given the choice between dealing with a bed bug infestation or avoiding one entirely, everyone would choose the latter. If you're serious about preventing bed bugs, you need bed bug control techniques for your home. First, it's important to understand that, unlike other pests, bed bugs won't be prevented with routine pest control. Bed bugs are usually brought into your house by people, either on their clothing or in bags or other items, while many other pests get into homes by crawling inside themselves. That makes a perimeter pest control treatment ineffective against bed bugs.

However, that doesn't mean you can't do anything to prevent them. The most important prevention strategy when it comes to bed bugs is to get into the routine of inspecting for these pests. Check yourself over before you walk inside. Look through your packages before you bring them into your house. Check your bedding for any signs of bed bugs on a regular basis.

If you do find bed bugs or any other signs of their presence, contact George Termite And Pest Control. We can inspect your home to determine if bed bugs are present. If a bed bug treatment is necessary for your Little Rock home, we offer the bed bug control services you need to thoroughly take care of the problem. Get in touch with us today!